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Tax Attorney

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Tax.awyers Group welcomes you to browse through the information on our website. Will work endlessly to ensure our clients' receive the most experienced representation and satisfaction. 3. Our IRS tax attorneys can stop these embarrassing collections actions within 24 hours and find a resolution for your outstanding tax debt . Tax law is drenched with ambiguity where there is mostly no answer that is right or wrong. When you work with an experienced tax attorney from our firm you will receive a representative experience that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. JG Tax Group can release wage garnishments within 4 business days or stop them temporarily and give you the time you need to get in compliance with the IRS. Like Tax Audits, a levy or lien is not the time to try a do-it-yourself project. Still have questions about working with an IRS tax debt relief attorney? My years of working as an auditor and forensic accountant, coupled with my tax background, allow me to come up with creative strategies to solve IRS tax problems. A representative of the firm will call you ASAP. Winning an audit may sometimes seem like an overoptimistic dream. Learn more » You cannot afford to pay off your IRS tax debt: The IRS has a status know as “ Currently Not Collectible “.

But the IRS may still request your new spouse's financial information because they need to know what your household can afford to pay the IRS. You are engaging in international business and need help with contracts, tax treatment, and other legal matters. Nevertheless, accountants, CPA, bookkeepers, enrolled agents, and non-tax attorneys will usually agree to represent you if you approach them with a tax issue even if they do not have the training or experience to handle difficult, complex, or creative tax issues. Tax lawyers are trained to seek and find the ambiguity in the law i.e., the “Cray”. As a lawyer who exclusively practices in the area of tax controversies, I understand the need for balancing an aggressive approach with the need for developing a strong rapport with the assigned agent.